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What is Europass?

Europass is a free set of tools that provides a new way of helping people make their qualifications and competences clearly and easily understood in EU Member States, EFTA/EEA countries and candidate countries. The aim of the Europass is to facilitate the mobility of both learners and workers throughout Europe.Europass can be used by those who wish to communicate their qualifications and competences in an effective way.

What is new?

From now on, Europass does not solely serve as an online platform where one can edit and create documents. Europass now gives opportunity to find the most suitable work and study related opportunities throughout Europe, based on the given achievements, qualifications and skills. The user can adjust advanced search settings concerning country, field of study/course, duration etc.

The new online secured system allows users to store their personal data, documents, degrees, diploma and issuing now can be done through the platform by educational institutions and training centres.

How does Europass work?

Europass makes available several instruments in an easy to-use format.

  • Europass Portfolio: Europass Portfolio offers an online platform where one can list every work and study related achievements, qualifications and skills and store documents in a secured system by using EU login.
  • Europass CV: After signing in,to the Europass Portal,   Europass CV can be completed effectively and easily, with the help online tutorials and examples. Europass CV enables its’ user to make competences visible in 29 European languages with personalised templates, completely for free.  
  • Europass Mobility: This document is a record of any organised period of time that a person spends abroad for the purpose of learning or training. This can include a work placement in a company, a semester in a university degree programme, an internship or other education and training experiences.
  • Europass Diploma Supplement: The Europass Diploma Supplement is issued to graduates of higher education institutions along with their degree or diploma. It helps to ensure that higher education qualifications are more easily recognized, especially outside the country where they were awarded. With the new Europass portfolio, issuing documents can be easily done in an online space by the institutions. The Europass Diploma Supplement was developed jointly with UNESCO and the Council of Europe.
  • Europass Certificate Supplement: The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued for people having vocational certificate, in order to make this certificate more easily understood, especially by employers or institutions outside the issuing country. The information in the Europass Certificate Supplement is provided by the relevant certifying authorities in a common format for all holders of a specific certificate

Who is Europass for? 

  • Europass is for job seekers, pupils and students, employers, educational institutions and training centers.
  • Europass will be especially helpful when people move between countries to learn or to work, because:
  • Europass will make it easier for employers to understand the qualifications and competences of job-seekers from other EU Member States.
  • Europass helps education, training and guidance practitioners to advise people about the most suitable learning paths and opportunities.

What are the benefits of Europass?

  • Europass serves citizens to convey their qualifications and competences in an effective way
  • Europass provides a comprehensive tool for users based on a free, accessible electronic format
  • Europass enables people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to gain access to opportunities for learning and employment throughout Europe, particularly by helping people to move between countries or across employment sectors.
  • Europass promotes strong links between education and training, business and industry, ensuring the continuing relevance and adequate appreciation of competences and qualifications
  • Europass is an open system to the transparency of competences and qualifications.

Europass is supported by a network of National Europass Centres. To find your own National Europass Centre click here.

To learn more about Europass in Hungary, contact the Hungarian National Europass Centre:

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